Trading Hut reopening for the new season

The EHS Trading Hut on Meadow Road allotments site opens for the year on Sunday 3rd March, 10am to midday.

As usual we have available a complete range of fertilisers, composts, canes, weed and pest controls and various garden accessories to help your garden flowers and allotment crops.

Amongst our lines this year, we have a range of wool and bracken based composts from Dalefoot Composts.

These composts are certified organic by the Soil Association, and offer the following benefits:

  • Natural water retention of wool fibres means up to 50% less watering.
  • Wool provides a steady, slow sustained supply of nitrogen.
  • High levels of natural potash from the bracken promotes flowering and fruiting, healthy growth and hearty crops…
  • NO need for any additional plant food – Our range will feed for the first season and beyond.
  • Made from 100% renewable resources with great environmental benefits. Peat free!
  • The compost has a similar soft texture to peat and has a wide range of naturally occurring trace elements for good plant health.

Details are on the Dalefoot website. So why not give them a try? As usual we offer very competitive prices to our members.

Besides the Dalefoot range, we still offer other composts, and the usual range of fertilisers and pest control. Plus there’s a few new lines, such as our hanging baskets. And of course you can pay your 2019 member subscription when you visit the Trading Hut!

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