Slug pellet advice

You may have read that the Government has banned metaldehyde, a chemical widely used in slug and snail controls. This impacts users of slug pellets, which we retail in our Trading Hut at Meadow Road.

The key implications of this for us all are as follows:

Slug pellets from Doff
Slug pellets from Doff
  • We stock two sizes of slug pellets from Doff, both of which contain metaldehyde.
  • On 30th June this year it becomes illegal to sell products containing metaldehyde.
  • If you have stocks of this at home, or buy some more before 30th June, you are allowed to continue to use these for a further year.
  • As from 30th June 2020, it becomes illegal to use this in the garden or allotment.

We are discounting Doff Slug Killer by 25% (that’s below cost) until we have to stop selling it. That may not be the most ecologically friendly option, but we will have to pay a chemical disposal company to take our unused stock at 30th June, so regrettably we need to minimise the cost to us.

Please note that you can continue to use slug pellets which are based on ferric phosphate; we stock one such, Solabiol Slug Killer.

Other options include slug tape, which can be used on pots – slugs and snails are said to be reluctant to cross this tape – and slug gel, another barrier method. In addition, there are wool pellets, which as a mulch is also claimed to deter slugs from crossing them. We stock each of these barrier methods.

On a more home-grown basis, you can try the traditional beer trap – sink a plastic cup in the ground up to the rim and half fill with beer; it attracts slugs which fall in and drown. If there are any other methods which work for you, let us know!

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