No Challenge, but the potatoes still grew!

Miss Julie Rooks is the Year 1 Class Teacher at Coopersale Hall School: she helped the children plant their seed potatoes for the Potato Challenge just before lockdown and the current regulations and social distancing restrictions took place in schools. The children were excited at the prospect of possibly growing the biggest potato!

After lockdown was eased, the children enjoyed digging up the potatoes and they were all amazed to see what they were able to grow. 

They all wanted to say thank you to Epping Horticultural Society for considering their school to take part in the Potato Challenge, and hope to have the opportunity of entering the competition again next year.

And we in turn would like to thank them for successfully growing their potatoes and sharing their pictures with us! Although we had to cancel the competition, we hope they enjoyed growing their potatoes – and eating them!

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