Epping In Bloom’s “pop-up allotment”

As Epping In Bloom cannot safely grow vegetables in their Community Garden in town, they have successfully applied for an allotment at Meadow Road. The speed of transformation has been truly amazing!

In a little more than a week, their overgrown allotment has been transformed from this…

…to this…

It goes to show what you can achieve with a few willing volunteers and some hard work!

The plan is to leave the ground membrane in place until early next year for it to kill and rot down the perennial weeds, and in the meantime some raised beds on top of the membrane, and some planting through the membrane, will give the volunteers some crops this year.

The plot is divided up so that each participating volunteer has a small bed to tend and grow some lovely fresh edible produce. The scheme is being run by Victoria Robertson in order to show the volunteers how easy it is to grow food. If you’d like to take part, then contact Victoria for details.

Here is the transformation in progress…

…and here are some more pictures of the allotment taken at their launch party!

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