EHS sponsors 2020 Potato Challenge

EHS Chair, Christine Burgess, and the leader of the Potato Challenge, Victoria Robertson

Epping Horticultural Society is sponsoring a Schools project, the Potato Challenge, to encourage children to try growing vegetables.

School classes will be given seed potatoes, growing sacks and compost, and the challenge is to be the school that grows the most potatoes by weight. There will be a grand weigh-in in July before the schools break for the summer, and the winners will receive a trophy.

The leader of the Challenge, Victoria Robertson, has signed up several local schools, with more than a thousand children taking part in the scheme.

Victoria said, “I am delighted that so many schools are keen to take part. This will hopefully encourage more children to take an interest in gardening, and especially in growing their own food.”

We will report on progress with the Challenge in due course!

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